Statement by Ministers Paschal Donohoe and Eoghan Murphy following meeting with Cabinet colleagues to discuss the forthcoming 10 Year Capital Plan and National Planning Framework

5th February, 2018


Today, (Monday) we discussed the forthcoming 10 Year Capital Plan and National Planning Framework with our Cabinet colleagues.


The new Capital Plan will set out a 10 year vision for the development of public capital infrastructure, grounded in the strategic investment priorities identified by each Minister.


The National Planning Framework and 10 year Capital Plan will be published, together, in the coming weeks, which will be first time that an Irish Government has prepared joined-up,  evidence based planning and investment strategies to transform our country into the place we want it to be over the next 20+ years.


At the core of both the National Planning Framework and Capital Plan is the need to secure balanced economic growth and social progress on a regional basis and between urban and rural Ireland. The Capital Plan builds on the evidence provided by the review of the existing Capital Plan and detailed assessment of the quality of Ireland’s existing public infrastructure and future demand, which was published in September. This identified a number of key sectors as priorities for investment, including transport, education and housing.


In linking its planning and investment strategies, Government is seeking to enhance regional connectivity and competitiveness, improve environmental sustainability and build a fairer, more equal Ireland where everyone has the opportunity to live in a strong community and reach their full potential.


These strategies will create new opportunities for community led regeneration across the country – where communities with ideas and plans about how to best develop the heart and amenities of their area can apply for funding for regeneration projects. This is an opportunity for us all to create and share a vision for our country.