Stoneybatter update (Cllr Ray McAdam)

10th March, 2014

In recent weeks, I have spoken to many neighbours about their concerns about the apparent closure of the Prussia Street An Post office. Let me quite clearly state that our local Post Office is NOT CLOSING! Officials in An Post and the Minister for Communications have both advised me that there is no threat to the Prussia Street An Post Office or any other An Post Office in the Inner City. Much of the concern have arose because of a campaign recently launched by the Irish Postmasters Union who have concerns about the new businesses ventures being pursued by An Post nationwide. It is a simple fact that An Post has to diversify its commercial options given that the reduction in the amount of mail business that it does. We have seen recently, An Post invest heavily in updating and upgrading its computer network as well as developing an enhanced arrangement with Aviva that has seen the transfer of Aviva Ireland’s branch offices personal insurance business to One Direct. An Post has also recently won a new six year contract to deal with Social Welfare payments and obviously people can pay their Local Property Tax through the An Post office network. Therefore, the future of the An Post network is secure with this Government and that is why I can re-assure you that the An Post Prussia Street Office is NOT CLOSING! If you have any questions or queries about the details outlined above, please get in touch with me on 086 847 1720 and I will do my best to answer your enquiries.

Neighbours have asked me in recent weeks to outline the work done by Gardai from the Bridewell through Operation Kerb to tackle the prevalence of prostitution along Arbour Hill Road. This operation has now been in place for more than three years. Its primary focus has been on the diversion of women engaging in prostitution as well as prosecuting anyone seeking to solicit for the purpose of prostitution. Organisations like Ruhama have been working closely with the Gardai in aiding who have been engaging in prostitution. Since the inception of this operation, thirty-five searches, 161 arrests or cautions under the relevant sections of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 1993 which has resulted in the ninety-four charges and summonses being issued. The success, to date, of this operation highlights the importance of maintaining this operation and the continued visibility of Gardai around Arbour Hill in targeting those attempting to solicit for prostitution. I will be meeting the Chief Superintendent and the local Superintendent on Monday and I will be highlighting this point to the senior Gardai.

The next meeting of the North-West Inner City Community Forum will take place on March 12th next in the Holy Family Parish Centre, Prussia Street. The meeting will begin at 7pm and I will be chairing the meeting. Officials from Dublin City Council and local Gardai will be in attendance to answer any questions or queries posed by residents. If you are unable to attend but would like a particular issue raised at the meeting, please email me at and I will ensure your enquiries are addressed by the Council or Gardai.

As outlined in previous editions of my Stoneybatter Matters newsletter, the City Council is leading plans to refurbish the fruit market into a world class city market, similar to Cork’s English Market. The City Council recently established a Monitoring Committee to oversee the project and I was selected to serve on the committee. The Development Section of the Planning Department is currently finalising the details of a PART VIII planning application that will be submitted to Councillors at our March meeting. It is my understanding that the planning process will be initiated at a meeting of local Councillors later this month before a statutory public consultation process is undertaken. This consultation process will provide residents living in the north-west inner city to submit their views on the project to the Council. By engaging with this process, City Councillors will work to ensure these concerns are addressed as part of any permission that may be granted. If you have any questions or queries arising from the information outlined above, please get in touch with me on 086 847 1720 or by email at

The Public Domain Unit of Dublin City Council has been removing incidents of graffiti in various sites across the Stoneybatter district in the past month. The Probation Service, the Council’s Corporate Contractor and the City Council’s Waste Management Services have removed graffiti on Prussia Street, North Brunswick Street, Aughrim Court, Blackhall Place and Oxmanstown Road. As always, if there are items of graffiti on your street or avenue, please get in touch with me and I will arrange for its removal.

The City Council has been liaising with those companies who own the unsightly and unused public telephone booths across the city. Most of these phone booths have been used as advertising hoardings, and have been attracting anti-social and illegal behaviour. I have been following up with the City Council and Eircom to have these booths removed from Manor Street and other streets across the Inner City. Council officials have now advised me that planning applications in relation to the future use of these sites and for this reason the City Council is waiting until it has sight of these applications before pursuing the matter further. Let me assure you that I will be continuing to follow up on this issue until it has been satisfactorily resolved.

As I have outlined previously, Dublin City Council is undertaking a Litter Blitz across the Inner City. This operation sees Dublin City Council officials teaming up withe the Gardai to jointly survey known litter black spots in order to catch and pursue those responsible for the illegal dumping of rubbish. This approach is being backed up by Litter Wardens, Public Domain Officers and Environmental Liaison Officers and Inspectors calling to homes in areas where illegal dumping and fly-tipping has been particularly bad requesting that house-holders provide documentary evidence of how they are disposing of their household waste. To date, more than 2,000 specific visits to homes have been carried out. Information that has been gathered during this process is being collated and reviewed in order to determine what actions are required, in terms of the issuing of fines or the commencement of prosecutions through the courts. Throughout February, a total of 38 fines were issued by Litter Wardens. More than 165 streets were inspected by Litter Wardens with a total of 473 illegally dumped bags removed and investigated.

When I called to homes on Aughrim Street recently, residents questioned about the possible extension of the hours of operation for the Pay & Display and Permit Parking schemes on the scheme. I have since followed up on the matter with the Traffic Department and they reverted back to me with a detailed report. As you are no doubt aware, there are two Pay & Display and Permit Parking areas on Aughrim Street. One near the Manor Street junction which operates Monday to Friday, 8am – 6.30pm. The other towards the North Circular Road end of the street which is in operation between Monday and Saturday, 7am – 7pm. In order to proceed with any request to extend the operative hours of these two areas, it will be necessary for the City Council to receive, written supporting evidence for the extension of hours, such as a number of written requests, or a signed petition from residents of this section of road, giving names and addresses, indicating clear support for the proposal. Officials have indicated to me that ideally, this should be 25% of the households concerned.

I also want to use this opportunity to remind you that BIN COLLECTION DAY IN STONEYBATTER IS NOW TUESDAY irrespective of which operator you may use. Both Greyhound and Allen Waste or D City Bin as they are also known must collect presented household rubbish on the same day following the implementation of new bye laws last Summer. I previously outlined these changes but I know there was some confusion last week about when rubbish would be collected. Throughout the past week, I have been liaising with Greyhound following its failure to collect both black bags and recyclable rubbish on a number of streets across Stoneybatter. Just as anyone found to be illegally dumping rubbish, waste operators will also be penalized under the new regulations. Given the problems of the past few days, I will be pursuing the need for penalties to be applied with City Council officials. I will obviously update you further on this in a forthcoming newsletter.

I will be seeking re-election to Dublin City Council in May’s Local Elections. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on behalf of the Stoneybatter community and representing you on the City Council. Throughout the past five years, I have constantly knocked on doors talking to neighbours and local residents about issues of concern to you. If I am re-elected in May, I will continue to frequently update you via my Stoneybatter Matters newsletter of issues affecting our community and the city. Fine Gael has recently selected Minister of State with responsibility for the Office of Public Works, BRIAN HAYES TD as our candidate in the European Election which will also take place on May 23rd.