Strange bedfellows on the campaign

30th May, 2012

The Fiscal Treaty referendum is now tomorrow and despite positive opinion poll results, nobody in the Yes side should become complacent. Anything could still happen and the importance of a Yes vote for the future of our economy and our society is huge. Most people understand this – except, perhaps for the UK Independence Party (UKIP) whose leader, Nigel Farage, entered the fray promising to blanket this country- and its doorsteps- with leaflets urging a No vote.

The purpose of UKIP to promote an end to foreign interference in a sovereign nation’s decision making processes. Oh, the irony of them fighting an Irish referendum campaign. It would be funny if it were not so serious. The fact that they are on the same side as Sinn Fein, the extreme left and Declan Ganley is bizarre.

The referendum campaign has taught us one lesson, at least. A new division is emerging in Ireland. No longer are we divided along civil war lines. Ideology now plays a far more decisive role in Irish politics. Views in relation to the euro, our economy and our relationship with the outside world have provided strong division lines.

Politics will no longer be about managerial claims or alleged competence.