Events of Yesterday

14th October, 2009

The speech by Deputy O’Donoghue has received a huge amount of coverage in all of the papers today. Two things are clear to me......

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The statement today

13th October, 2009

I listened to all of the statement today by John O’Donoghue. It was a bit surreal to hear him talk about the cost of......

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John at the races

16th September, 2009

  I’ve seen it all now. Just when I thought the whole debacle of O’Donoghue’s expenses couldn’t get any worse he pops up to......

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John O’Donoghue is a waster, I can’t understand why he has not resigned.

26th August, 2009

I am not a TD but most people do not distinguish between TDs and Senators. We are all members of the Oireachtas. Our Oreachtas......

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