Hope is a habit you need to acquire

26th November, 2009

So said Joseph O’Connor on Drivetime last night. I quoted this on the Order of Business this morning as I listened to the litany......

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The Government and the Banks

17th November, 2009

News was full of the proposed salary of the new Chief Exec of AIB this morning. The start of the morning made it appear......

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Ozymandias, King of Kings

9th November, 2009

Quoted Shelley in the second stage of NAMA legislation. ‘Look on my works, ye mighty and despair’ according to that fine poem. This is......

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The NAMA Debate

29th October, 2009

We are having a specific debate on the NAMA business plan this afternoon in the Seanad. I have spent the morning getting my contribution......

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Cabra Update October 09

16th October, 2009

This is an updated that I will be circulating soon for the Cabra district October 2009. Dear Resident CABRA COMMUNITY UPDATE...

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John O’Donoghue is a waster, I can’t understand why he has not resigned.

26th August, 2009

I am not a TD but most people do not distinguish between TDs and Senators. We are all members of the Oireachtas. Our Oreachtas......

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Best Intentions for a New Parliamentary Year.

19th August, 2009

Some of my colleagues have started new blogs over the summer recess. Particularly like www.richardbruton.ie (nice piece on Richard’s musical tastes) and Lucinda Creighton......

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NAMA and the Courts

12th August, 2009

The ruling by the Supreme Court on the Zoe Group is huge news. The actual judgement is very accessible and easy enough to read,......

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In honour of Bertie…

11th July, 2009

Everywhere that I go in my constituency I see plaques in honour of Bertie Ahern. He’s opened every hospital, shop, window and door in......

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The worst possible dilemma.

13th April, 2009

The legislation on the new National Asset Management Agency will be debated with great heat and passion in the Oireachtas. I hope that this casts......

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