The Budget Debate Tomorrow

16th November, 2009

The Taoiseach spent the weekend warning ourselves and the Labour Party that we need to give specifics of how we would find €4 billion......

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Best Intentions for a New Parliamentary Year.

19th August, 2009

Some of my colleagues have started new blogs over the summer recess. Particularly like (nice piece on Richard’s musical tastes) and Lucinda Creighton......

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Why do Irish Politicians Not Write More Books

14th April, 2009

Reading ‘The Storm’ by Vince Cable MP, the Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesperson at the moment. It’s an excellent read, providing an overview of what caused......

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For Rational Government, Not National Government.

24th February, 2009

Demands for a national government are now regularly heard. This is where all the main political parties come together to form a single government. In the......

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