Taxes and TDs

19th December, 2011

Most of the time, politicians of all outlooks act in the best interests of their constituents and their country. Even if I disagree with them, I know that most of the time the Opposition act honourably and out of a real sense of conviction.

Unfortunately, events of the past week do not live up to the standards I have seen up to now. The development that saw several TDs call on their supporters to boycott the household charge is a step too far.

Our country is an economic wreck. The government was elected to do a job. Part of that job is levying unpopular but necessary taxes in a country that, unlike almost every country in the developed world, has no property tax.
The charge for 2012 will be 100 euro. Two quid a week. If you don’t own the property you live in, you don’t pay. All council tenants are exempt. Many others are for various reasons as well.

To ensure fairness, if you try to avoid the charge- or simply refuse to pay- you face large fines. I am now calling on Joe Higgins,Thomas Pringle and all those around them to advise their supporters to pay the tax. They are playing politics with their constituents financial lives. And it is not an edifying spectacle.