Teacher’s Conferences

15th April, 2009

I would not be doing the job that I am doing without 2 brilliant teachers. Education is the silver bullet. I sincerely believe that it has to be valued above all else. However sometimes stuff comes out of the teacher’s conferences that makes me mad.

Case in point was yesterday. A main theme of the main conferences was criticizing the ‘cosy’ relationship between the government and the property speculators. However don’t the members of these unions not understand that it was their union leadership who endorsed the economic strategies that have broken our country through repeatedly signing up to them via social partnership deals.

Their leaders sit on the board of the central bank, they did the deal on cutting taxes too quickly, they accepted low regulation models. All of this was done through social partnership.

The leaders of these unions had the power to do something about these issues. More power than any opposition politician. Why didn’t they use it?