The Bill

8th July, 2010

An eventful day yesterday. I was proud to speak on the Civil Partnership Bill yesterday. My main point was that because we do not chose our sexuality or who we love we must enthusiastically support this bill. It makes visible to the state the huge number of loving relationships that are currently invisible.

There some great contributions. Senator Harris spoke of the influence of Wilde and Casement. Senator Feeney emphasised the need to recognise all kinds of families, not just traditional ones. Senator Boyle spoke emotionally about the journey that has got us to this point. I missed Jerry Buttimers words but they made a powerful read.

Eugene Regan is leading committee stage for our party. At 1 this morning we were still voting. Hope that it moves along well. Last night was fraught. I remember from NAMA that these debates late at night or early in the morning shed more heat, not light.