The Cup of Human Kindness

27th May, 2009

Derek and I met commuters at Ashtown train station this morning. It was freezing and wet. The canal and the adjacent buildings managed to create a perfect wind tunnel that we were the recipients of. Then one of the posters flew off our A frames in front of tons of commuters. Perfect. Just perfect.


And then a lady working in Douglas and Kaldi (local cafe) changed everything. She came out and presented us with two cups of coffee. A lovely touch which we appreciated so much. We’re human after all!


A passing commuter then offered to help in our campaign. What next? Could it get any better? Then life went back to normal. Commuters kept on passing us by, smiling in support or looking away in embarrasment.


Lady at Douglas and Kaldi, thank you. Going to send everyone I know to eat food there.