The dust settles

8th June, 2009

Or rather is settling. What does the world look this morning? The world, in question, is of course Dublin Central.

Well, of course, Gaelscoil Bharra is still in prefabs, Educate Togethers still don’t have recognition or proper buildings, unemployment is still rising in my community. All of the important stuff and problems are still
there. While near complete political naval gazing is now suffocating everything we should not forget that the very problems that caused this political upheaval are still there, and growing.

That said, huge changes have occured. Noel Whelan said it best on Morning Ireland this morning, FF are no longer a national movement. They are now an ordinary political party on the verge of the kind of hammering that will make our experience in 02 a cake walk. We find ourselves the largest party in Ireland (as measured by council seats and successive opinion polls).

In Dublin Central we now have 2 council seats (vs Labour at 3, FF at 2 and SF at 2). We are now a force in local politics. This is a huge huge change that I will be making the very most of in the coming months and years. As I’ve said before, Dublin Central used to be a lonely place for FG. Well, it’s not so lonely any more!