The Final Countdown

5th June, 2009

I finished off my efforts at 11 last night. Managed to catch up with the rest of the team who were sitting in a local pub exhausted. We estimate that we dropped around 25,000 leaflets in the last couple of days of the campaign. Everybody was very tired but very happy. We all just felt that we had done our best. Whether it will be enough is in the hands of the voters today.

Some of the team members broke out into The Final Countdown ( by Europe). You had to be there to see it I suppose.

At the end of the campaign I am just dumbstruck by the dedication which friends and volunteers have put into the campaign. People coming back from holiday to vote. Friends who have dropped tens of thousands of leaflets. Canvassers who have knocked on thousands on doors, in the rain and then in the heat. The posters going up in the middle of the night.To you all, thank you so much.

To Ray, Mary and Harry, my fellow Fine Gael candidates in Central, thank you for standing for public office in Dublin Central.

Going slowly insane now. People making their minds up.

The Final Countdown. I’ll be singing it myself later.