The flag is up, the gun is fired

13th May, 2009

Just been informed that the bye election has been officially called. The necessary paperwork has been done and we are off. This means that the posters are allowed to go up. We spent the last few hours canvassing with a journalist from the Sunday Business Post. When we were doing this I turned the corner and there they were, all my posters up. It now feels like a proper election.

Today was a good day in that myself and George addressed the parliamentary party. Each of us gave an account of what we were doing. I was so grateful for the warmth of the reception. I’ve never really got the opportunity to get to know that many of colleagues very well due to the demands of bringing up a family and doing the politics. The fact that I am living in Dublin means that I get home when I can. To find so many of my colleagues so willing to help means the world.