The Golden Circle is Alive and Well

7th May, 2009

Can’t help but feel that the selection of the Dublin Bye Election candidates for Fianna Fail shows that the golden cosy circle at the top of Fianna Fail and the Government is alive and well. The brother of the former Taoiseach and the son of a former TD contesting bye elections when the future of our country is at stake!!!! This just shows how detached Fianna Fail has become from the economic war that we are engaged in.

One of the most important things that must change in Irish politics is the sense of entitlement that exists at the moment. The view that you are entitled to be a bye election candidate because a member of your family was a public representative is typical of this. The same attitude makes government ministers feel that they can hold on to teaching jobs while topping polls and keeping their ministerial perks. The political bubble must be burst to help our country deal with the burst economic bubble.

Picking candidates because of what their family has done, because of what their second names are is not to way to select TDs when our country is in an economic war. In my own way I hope that my selection shows that Fine Gael is trying to select different people from different backgrounds to serve our country. George Lee is another perfect example of this.

We have to make sure that the Golden Circle is broken for good. As Enda said in the Ard Fheis, it’s jobs for the people we need and not jobs for the boys.