The Killers vs North Strand

30th January, 2009

Typical. Amidst the frantic and wonderful life of a politician you need things that keep you going. Music is one of the things that does that for me. My tastes are very wide. One of my favourite bands at the moment are The Killers. I could not get tickets for their last gig at Marley Park. Justine managed to get 2 tickets for their gig at the O2. I was over the moon. The date went right into the calender. Sacrosanct. Any anyway, it is a Friday night. Everything would be fine. Wrong!

Sure enough I have been invited to a big public meeting for the same night. It’s in North Strand about a really important planning issue. There will be a lot of residents there.Many of whom will expect to see all of their public representatives in attendance.

The age old dilemma of politicians. Needing to be in the two different places at the same time. Except this time Brandon Flowers will be at one place! Same is happening next Tuesday night….Mountjoy Community Forum or birthday dinner for Justine.

Not complaining for a moment here, I deeply love what I do, but am just trying to figure out how to make some parts of this job work a bit better.