The Last Day

4th June, 2009

This will be my final post before polling day tomorrow. Just want to conclude with an answer to the most important question of them all. Why should you vote for me?

Firstly, a vote for me is a vote for a completely new government. Fine Gael is the only party that can move Fianna Fail out of office and give the country the change that it needs. 3 seats out of 4 for FF will not deliver the change the country needs.

Secondly, I spent 10 years working in manufacturing and industry at home and in the UK. This kind of experience is needed to tackle the crisis of unemployment.

Finally, I live in and care about the constituency. All of our major challenges are national and international in nature. However they have local consequences. I know what these effects are and care about them.

Please give me your No 1 vote or your highest possible preference.