The Last Week

24th October, 2011

The Presidential campaign has entered it’s final and most frenetic week. My strong sense is that the entire race has not connected with people in the way it should have. I’ve met too many people uncommitted to even voting.

Nevertheless, we keep on. The last few days of the campaign may be about the issues, though I wait more in hope than expectation.

As Ireland prepares for a new President, Libya prepares for a new era. The shockingly graphic pictures of Colonel Gaddafi’s final minutes last week are a reminder of how lucky we are in Ireland. Our revolutions take place in the ballot box, not the blood-soaked streets.

The scenes on O’Connell St last night of celebrating Libyan-Irish people, preparing for a better future for their country, were heart warming. The future is theirs for the taking.

I’m glad to hear the Taoiseach speak of cautious optimism in relation to the European Council meeting this morning. This will have a massive impact on our future and we need other countries to ‘step up’ in the way our state and people have.