The Late Debate, a late night

17th December, 2009

Last night was a really busy night. We had the final stages of the social welfare bill in the Seanad and I had a group of supporters in for Christmas drinks. I was then asked to do the Late Debate on RTE.

Even though it was a very busy and late night the whole thing provided a fascinating example of the intense emotions that politics prompts. My group of friends and supporters had (I think) a great night. The awe and reverance that they had for the Oireachtas was so refreshing and welcome.

This was in sharp contrast to the behaviour of FF last night when the social welfare bill passed through the Seanad. Some of them cheered. I mean, they actually cheered!!!!!!

Now, this may have been caused by the relief of getting the bill through the Seanad and out to the Park but it wasn’t becoming to the Seanad and the nature of the bill.

It was odd because on the Late Debate we had a debate on the role of anger in politics. I argued that it had a role but the role had to diminish. We need to focus on hope and been constructive.

Regretted that contribution after I saw the behaviour of FF in the Seanad.