The Launch

12th May, 2009

Today I attended the launch of our Dublin bye election campaigns. Myself and George attended a press conference with Enda. It was just packed. There were cameras, journalists and political correspondents every where. David McCullagh asked me if there was any truth to the rumours that I would go straight onto the front bench if elected. Oh but that it was true David! I was very flattered by such a suggestion but my complete and utter objective is to become a TD and represent my constituency to the best of my ability.

Both George and I made our contributions after been introduced by Enda. My speach will be going on the site in the morning. The surreal stuff followed. The press office had made life size mock ups of our posters for the bye election. The candidates had to follow each other around St Stephens Green with the posters under our arms. The faces of shoppers were a sight to behold.

Spent the night canvassing. Now off to a constituency meeting.