The O2 and the local community

19th February, 2009

A constant local issue is the need for better plans for parking and traffic management for Croke Park. You vainly hope that lessons will be learnt, particularly by the planning authorities. I’m afraid that we are now living through the same saga in relation to the 02 venue in North Wall. Let me say from the start that this venue looks wonderful. It is providing much needed joy during difficult times. I will be visiting it (as an avid gig goer) for the first time soon.

But we know find ourselves in a situation,again, where local residents simply cannot cope with the parking and traffic problems caused by the venue. Why this was not dealt with through the normal planning process is beyond me. I am trying to help with this in two ways.

Firstly, the Central Area policing committee has invited in the management of the 02 to discuss how this issue can be quickly dealt with. This will be happening in early March.

Secondly, I have now contacted the planning department of Dublin in relation to decisions they are making over additional traffic parks for the area. I know we can make smarter and better decisions about their management.

We must do more while the O2 is in the early stages of it’s life. It can work for gig goers and local residents.