The Poll and a Walkabout

26th September, 2009

New MRPI poll today. No surprise at all that FG is down. This is what happened in the Lisbon 1 campaign. If you tie yourself to the government of the day on the key political issue then you can expect that your figures go down. The one pleasant surprise was to see our figures in D2E go up. We’ve overtaken Labour in this segment. Not to sure why but if this turns into a trend this will be a key foundation for the next General Election.

Did a walkabout with Enda in Henry Street. Councillor Ray McAdam canvassed with us too. Went well. Followed by a Shell 2 Sea supporter and an English guy shouting ‘Don’t give up the harp for the fiddle’. Classic stuff.

Now heading up the Navan Road area for a canvass with Councillor Mary O’Shea. Signs are good I think but we have to keep at it.