The Poll

15th May, 2009

The bye election will be in 3 weeks time. To get the poll results that we did today is, indeed, a good way to get the ball rolling.

My overall reaction to the poll figures is one of being humbled though. Just before I heard the figures I met a lady who told me that everyone who was working in her family had lost their jobs. She then said that she would vote FG as she trusted us to clean the mess up. I felt such a sense of responsibility.

It is now clear that many many people are looking to make this decision. In my own bye election campaign I have met these voters (many of whom are FF) and they want a fresh start.

So while I am delighted on a personal level I know that the future prosperity of our country is in jepordy and that many now want FG to step in and pull things back from the brink. Makes me, as a FG public representative, stop in my tracks.