The Presidential campaign that has emerged must rank as one of the strangest.

11th October, 2011

On the one hand, people want to hear what the candidates have to say, their ideas or the future and how they tend to inspire the country if they get to the Aras. There is a genuine interest out there on the doorsteps as to why the seven men and women vying for the job deem themselves the best – and why they deem their opponents not to be so.

Unfortunately, this is not borne out by the media coverage which is fixated on the “game” of politics- about who’s ahead in the opinion polls, about who had the funniest quip in the debates and about who has the slickest campaign.

Away from the Presidency, Ireland’s economy continues to inspire growing confidence at home and abroad. Our bond yield is at its lowest in over a year, a quarter of firms say they will hire new staff in the near future and the Troika was in town to give us another clean bill of fiscal health.

Even Bollywood likes us- a new Indian film is being shot in Dublin right now and will be shown in cinemas throughout the sub-continent.

So, there is potential for optimism. The next President can harness it. All we need is campaign coverage worthy of the office upon which we are voting. I’d pay to see that.