The variety of political and constituency life

21st April, 2010

IMG00005-20100421-0852I’ve spent the last few nights at public meetings across the constituency
dealing with really intense local issues. By intense I mean a resident
living beside a house that has around 30 people living illegally in it. Or persistent anti social behaviour in lanes behind homes.

The first meeting was in the North Strand, the second one was in Gardiner Street. Other engagements follow later in the week.

All of this has really impressed on me the real problems of urban living in the midst of an economic depression. Unemployment goes up, services are cut and ordinary city dwellers lose. Councillor Ray McAdam and I will be following up on these matters with the City Council but I really appreciate the frustration of residents and we’ll do all we can to help.

On a sunnier note the above is a photo that I took of St Joseph’s Church on Berkeley Road this morning. Sun shining, flowers blooming and beautiful buildings looking great.