The week that was

1st May, 2010

It’s always nice to start a bank holiday weekend. The extra day really makes you feel that you’ve a bit more time to chill out and relax from the demands of a working week.

This weekend started with the sad news of Gerry Ryan. May he rest in peace.

Events at the start of this week made it a disturbing few days. The performance of the GRA was unprecedented and exceptionally bad for our country. Those charged with implementing the law cannot step into the arena of politics where law is made. They crossed a line and, to be blunt, they need to back off.

My fear is that it will be the Gardai on the ground who will have the impact of this huge blunder. The brave men and women patrolling head shops or who rushed to a gangland murder on Friday night. The commissioner needs to ensure retraction and apology. Don’t get me wrong. I welcome opposition to this Government, particularly Dermot Ahern, but not at the expense of the integrity of our public institutions. I made this point on Wednesday morning in the Seanad.

The Greek tragedy is a game changer for Ireland and the eurozone. On Thursday morning I spoke on the Order of Business of the need to see the Croke Park deal passed. All the main political parties should adopt the same approach to this vote. It’s above party politics and so clearly in the national interest.