14th February, 2011

The weekend poll has put a spring in Fine Gael’s step- but it is just a poll. No party has won a majority in this country since 1977. David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Silvio Berlusconi have never won majorities. All talk of single party government is just that-talk. The focus must be policy and the effort must be maintained- there are still two weeks of campaigning and anything could happen.

I was on the panel of Sam Smith’s Sunday Supplement making this point as well as discussing issues as diverse as abortion, taxation and cystic fibrosis. As I spoke, it was announced that the Fine Gael leader was to go to Berlin to discuss economic matters with Angela Merkel. The campaign has really come to life.

This week we’ll see the Leaders’ Debates. Enda will surprise people. Voters may watch, or they may not. But their concerns will still be the same- jobs, public services and tax.