There is something about Mary

10th February, 2009

I know. What a cliche. The title of a film, a book and so many jokes. However in this case it is true. Last night I attended the local election convention for the Cabra Glasnevin Ward. At this meeting Councillor Mary O’Shea was selected as the Fine Gael candidate for the this ward in the local elections this summer.

I met Mary around 4 years ago when I knocked on her home. At that stage things were very different for me and the local Fine Gael organisation. I was on my own knocking on doors on a cold wet night. Mary opened up the door and asked me lots of questions about our policies and what we were up to in the local area. After this Mary joined the local party and put in a huge amount of work in the 2007 general election. I was so proud when Mary expressed an interest in standing for the Council seat which I forfeited upon my election to Seanad Eireann.

So much more is been asked of politicians now. People rightly expect their representatives to be of a higher standard, with integrity and a sense of dedication. Mary is such a person. She has a great legal background and has already shown herself to be such a capable councillor. I look forward to doing all I can to help get her elected in the local elections.