Things are freying

27th August, 2009

As I wrote on Tuesday I met with a drugs project to discuss problems in the constituency and the wider issues in dealing with the drugs problem. I have probably become unusually sensitive to the issue since then as it is so topical to me and fresh in my mind. I am just finishing off my day’s work in my constituency office. I can’t help but notice that a couple are screaming outside the front door of my office (clearly high on something) and that another group walked by high on some substance a few minutes ago.

I have a real sense that things on our streets are freying at the moment. That chaotic lifestyles are spilling over in public places in a way they haven’t in the past.

My meeting earlier this week gave me plenty of ideas about what to do on this. I’ll be returning to this when the Seanad resumes in a few weeks time.