Think that it is Day 6

8th May, 2009

Already the days are blending into one. Not sure if I am writing about Day 6 and it is Day 7 or Day 6 writing about Day 6, etc. etc. Anyhow I will keep going in the sure knowledge that somebody in my constituency team will correct me in the next couple of hours.

Got back to normal on Day 6. Leg is now ok and took another hour off to buy new shoes. Going to mount the old shoes on the wall to remind everyone that the omens are good. Spent the rest of the day on the door steps. My dear friend Mary Banotti came out and canvassed through Cabra with me. Despite a sore back she set a speed that kept us all gasping.

After this we canvassed on the Navan Road. That was a lot more stop and start. The aweful rain meant that we had to seek cover a few times. Despite this we managed to get most of the area done.

The really hard thing is managing family life with the campaign. I’ve given up trying to balance family life with the campaign. But my dear kids still need to be picked up, fed and put to bed. The great thing, though, is that my time with them does tend to keep me fresh for the actual campaign itself. Only other piece of excitement was that Paddy Power announced odds for the campaign. I’m third favourite but my odds are shortening by the moment.