To bye or not to bye

23rd April, 2009

Groan, groan. A crucial issue though.

For a while there have been rumours that the government would not hold the Dublin Central and Dublin South bye elections on the same day as the local and European elections. This was mentioned in the Dail yesterday and covered in some of the media today. If the government move beyond the next available polling date this would be a disgrace. The vacant Dail seats are the property of the people. If we are willing to let them go vacant beyond a polling date what value does that place on them in the first place? Why not let more seats go vacant?

This brings the whole practice of politics into disrepute. If the election ends up on in October though this will make it a 8 month campaign for me. A long and tough campaign. But, I’ll have a lot of help in the summer. The back up will be on the way from every constituency in the country. Bring it on.