3rd November, 2010

A dramatic day. The Order of Business was over shadowed by the news (viatext) that Pearse Doherty had a good morning in the High Court.

I raised the need for a debate on the recent European Council in the Order of Business. Governments will be required to conduct their budgetary policy within the parameters of a strengthened Stability and Growth Pact. Its amazing how little debate there has been within the political system on these changes. Hopefully this will start within the Seanad.

Off then to a meeting in Dublin City Council on parking problems in relation to the Glasnevin and Drumcondra area. Spent a lot of time discussing these issues. A report will now be produced that I hope will lead to some results.

After this back to Leinster House. Things were looking nasty on Kildare Street. I saw cans thrown at the front gates. Things were reasonable enough on Merrion Square. Now off to a Transport Committee meeting.