Up and Down

29th March, 2009

I’ve already written about opinion polls on this site. They can be the source of obsession, particularly constituency polling. In national polls all that matters is the trend.

The new Red C poll does stand out slightly with noticable changes. It reflects, I believe the appetite for answers and solutions. The party that can best explain how Ireland got to where we are and how we will get out of it will win the next election, whenever it is.

This explains why FG is holding it’s own at 31%. We have launched a wave of new policies on 3rd level education, Oireachtas reform and job creation. SF and Labour have not matched this policy roll out and they are down.

FF have mused in public about the budget. Leadership without the pain. They have also had the benefit of their Ard Fheis and the visit to Washington.They are up.

This puts us in a good place going into our Ard Fheis. We need to establish a sustained 5% plus lead over FF to overcome their grip on every niche of public life. We are on our way to doing this.