Update on Reilly’s Bridge

2nd February, 2009

Councillor Mary O’Shea has supplied the following update on Reilly’s Bridge. This issue is frequently raised by local residents with me so please find a full update from Mary below:

“I had a verbal update on the situtation at the Janurary Central Area Meeting,13th Janurary last. Iarnrod Eireann is currently preparing drawings of the proposed bridge,these are the drawings which would be put to public consultation.

Of most significance is the fact that council management confirmed that it had no funds to proceed with the Project in the event of it going ahead (if such a decision is made after the public consultation)No application
has been made to Central Government for funds and no application will be made unless and until a definite decision is made to proceed with the Project .There was nothing about this in Transport 21.

The whole process is taking an inordinate length of time.In reply to a query at the Janurary meeting as to when the public consultation is likely to proceed the reply was maybe in about 6 weeks. In relation to the automation of the level crossing ,Iarnrod Eireann has consistently refused to consider this option.The Area Manager from Iarnrod Eireann is being invited to attend a Central Area Committee meeting in the near future so that this matter and other relevant matters in relation to the train service can be addressed.”