Update on the City Council’s preparedness to deal with heavy rainfall

24th June, 2016

Dublin City Council officials have advised me that the Drainage Division has been monitoring the rainfall very closely today and the internal Flooding Advisory Group has met twice today to assess the risk of any potential flooding.

So far today, there has been less than 10 millimetres of rainfall. The rain has been different in nature to last week’s rainfall in that each of the showers has been of relatively short duration. Another band of heavy rain is forecast which is being closely monitored by the City Council.


Since last week’s flooding in Cabra East, the City Council has installed a rain gauge at Cabra. This appears to be working well and provides the Council with good up to date accurate information for the area. In addition officials have deployed a large delivery output pump in the area. A limited number of Drainage Division staff are being kept back at work until 6 p.m. or until such time as advised by local management.

Please contact me if you are experiencing any problems with flooding on your street or avenue.