16th September, 2008

Statement by Senator Paschal Donohoe on 16 September 2008

The Planning Application for Metro North, made public this week, revealed that over 150 bus routes in the city centre will be altered due to the closure of roads that are heavily used by buses. “There are over 210 bus routes in the Dublin Bus Area. Over 2 out of every 3 bus routes will be effected due to the building of Metro North. It would be terrible if in efforts to build the Metro we put more people than ever into their cars by reducing Dublin bus services. We must keep our buses running.” said Senator Paschal Donohoe, Seanad Transport Spokesperson.    

It is now vital that the Rail Procurement Agency work closely with Dublin City Council, transport operators and other stakeholders to publish a comprehensive bus management scheme for the period the Metro is been built. Senator Donohoe called on the Minister for Transport to develop and make public plans to deal with this issue.

“ Firstly, we must make sure that the existing services are able to operate and that current timetables are maintained. This must be considered when the Metro construction plan is been agreed” he said. “Secondly, more buses must be made available to take more cars off our roads during this busy period. This is a great opportunity for the Minister to allow more private buses to take more passengers out of their cars”. Finally the Dublin Transport Authority must be immediately set up. “The reason this body was created was to co-ordinate transport in Dublin. If it cannot deal with this challenge we shouldn’t waste money on it’s creation” according to Senator Donohoe.