What the bookies say

3rd June, 2009

Odds have been reduced again on me. Now at 4/5 on. Makes me the favourite to win. Nice little boost with less then 2 days to go.

Just finished Morning Ireland which was broadcasted from Docklands. It went fine. Decided to reward myself with a Starbucks. Sat there for 15 minutes reading the papers.

Probably the first bit of decent time to myself in 3 weeks. I see that I have missed a call from Enda on my phone. Nice of him to call, I think. Probably congratulating me on Morning Ireland, I think.

Oh no.

Message was ‘ don’t stop working Paschal. Keep at it. Not a moment of rest’. I think for a panicked moment that Enda can actually see me, coffee in hand chilling away.

I exit Starbucks at high speed.