What we would do differently

27th February, 2009

A constant demand is the need for politics to change to deal with the circumstances that the country is now in. An essential part of this is developing what Fine Gael would do differently to lead our country and economy to better days. This is laid out very clearly by Enda Kenny in today’s Irish Times, available here. He lays out our proposals to get government borrowing under control, examine new taxation measures (such as a carbon tax and a new rate of income tax), reform the Oireachtas and a tougher evaluation of capital spending. It is detailed, specific and clear. This is what Fine Gael would do differently.

Yesterday, we made a proposal for an All Party Committee on Banking Regulation. The objective is to develop principles, regulations and institutions that will deliver a healthy banking system for our country. Harness the best minds in the Oireachtas, let the politicians take the right decisions in public. The answer from the Government to this was No.

We are up for changing politics, up for saying what would we would do differently, up for getting the country back on it’s feet. The question is now whether the Government will heed our offer of help. I hope that they do.