Where are they??

7th January, 2010

Where are they????

Between the end of Christmas and the early days of the New Year there was a large amount of press activity from the Government. Ministers were falling over themselves about the success of the criminal assets bureau, policy for loan parents, identity cards and so on. Typical stuff that any government does when the Parliament isn’t sitting.

Now, where are they???

Ministers Dempsey, Gormley and the Taoiseach are nowhere to be found. Are they caught in snowdrifts somewhere? Do the ministerial mercs not have snow chains in the boot? Maybe they’re stranded abroad on holiday?

They’d probably say that this is the responsibility of local authority. But we’re in the middle of a national emergency! They should be out there supporting the authorities, spending money on gritting equipment, galvanising the army and showing people that they care!!

Didn’t they learn anything from the floods?