19th February, 2010

This is probably the first time that I’ve really understood the dictum that a week is a long time in politics. Last week our party was dealing with the consequences of the resignation of George Lee. Little did I think that a week later we would see the Green Party lose a Senator, a tweet causing a government crisis and the resignation of Minister O’Dea.

The thing I’ve really learnt from all of this is the sheer speed with which a political firestorm can brew up. One moment all is calm (or relatively so). The next minute, inferno!

The thing that made all the difference to this was the tone that was taken by Willie. His performance on the News at One yesterday finished him. You could hear jaws dropping all over Leinster House when the word ‘victim’ made an appearance.

So then, what next? Well, the bottom line is that Willie went because FF realised that the Government might face collapse if he didn’t. We had the sight of 2 solicitors and a Senior Council defending what was clearly wrong on Wednesday. Nothing ethical happened here. Low standards in high places are alive and well. Still.