Yesterday’s Poll

26th October, 2009

An interesting poll for a few different reasons. Firstly, it showed FG maintained an exceptionally strong lead over FF. For the last 6 months at least 1 voter in 3 has voted FG in the Red C polling. This is a massive
increase in support. Secondly, it shows again that FF is at core vote level. They have lost all of their ‘soft’ vote. Most of this has gone to us. Thirdly, (and I’m surprised by this) Labour have not made any headway. I expected a big bounce over the JO’D affair but they’ve gained nothing. I suspect that their lack of credibility on the public finances is holding them back.

Finally, the Greens are facing extinction. Despite all of the fuss over the Programme for Government and NAMA they actually lost support. I strongly believe their obsession with internal procedure has hurt them severely. People elect parliamentarians to serve in Government, they don’t expect to see them running around the RDS looking for the support of Green Party members with no democratic mandate.